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Remembering for the Future

Yuri's Night:


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Memories for the Future

Remembering our past is key to avoiding human tragedies in the future

Three curated playlists 

Space and Art Sonifications

Three curated playlists 

Last Year's Party

From the left: Marjorie Malina, Frank J Malina, Academician Sedov and Russian Astronaut, Yuri Gagarin: Boulogne Billancourt, France, 1963.

Frank J Malina standing next to the first sounding rocket built in the United States, the WAC Corporal sounding Rocket:  White Sands Proving Ground, September 1945.

Launch of a Delta Rocket with NASA's Extreme Ultra Violet Explorer (EUVE) satellite: 

Cape Canaveral, Florida,  June 7 1992. (The Project Director was Roger Malina.)


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